What we do

The Yalta model - A digital organisation as a service: OaaS


1. Blueprinting

• Agree on ambition & vision • Understand starting points • Create tailored blueprints


2. Activating

• Focus on core capabilities • Streamline bottlenecks • Equip & empower teams


3. Scaling

• Delegate responsibility • Collaborate & deliver value • Stay true to the vision


4. Improving

• Identify & remove obstacles • Measure, learn & adapt • Improve continuously


Polestar: OaaS

Yalta was at the center of an initiative that led to the design and execution of a new digital organization for Polestar. After defining the starting points and vision, we tailored blueprints for how a modern development organization can become successful and make Polestar attract talent. We focused on core capabilities and helped design an architecture and a tech stack that could streamline bottlenecks and enable Polestar to move faster than ever before. Yalta held key roles to support digital priorities and architectural thinking. As the organization grew, we staffed the organization with talent and always pushed the culture, collaboration and technology closer to the vision. Our vision is to never stop improving. Our mission is to equip and empower teams. We call it OaaS — Organization as a Service.


Semantix + Sitecore

Yalta is the co-creator of a translation plugin in Sitecore for easy handing of big content. The plugin was created for Semantix, a leading translation bureau in northern Europe with a big variety of translations within different areas. At Yalta we have built the connection, hands-on and from the ground up. The plugin is delivering a seamless connection directly to the translator service from the Content Editor.