Who we are.

We design and develop solutions for the web and beyond, that are optimized and easy to maintain. We are experts in architecture, web and cloud technologies.

We earn trust by developing digital strategies that withstand the test of time and complexity. We establish long-term relationships and take active part in our customer's digital journey.

We understand development. We understand business.

What we do.

At Yalta we combine strategy, design and technology to optimize value for our customers and their end users.

Our areas of expertise range from IT strategy and application concepts, to designing architecture and technical implementations. We are equipped to take responsibility in large-scale projects as well as helping smaller businesses with digital, operational and technical solution architecture.

Designing systems and solutions is imperative in order to maintain high quality of work. We have many years of experience working proactively by defining good relationships between the parts that make up a system or solution.

Yalta has a deep understanding and a wide set of skills around solution architecture and cloud solutions that will generate short and long term value for you and your customers.

We are growing - Join us!

Are you looking for a company that will bring out the best of you? An environment where you will be challenged and inspired? A culture that will truly give you freedom to make an impact?

Then Yalta is for you.

Opportunities are listed below.

Solution Architect

We are currently looking for developers that love to zoom out and focus on the larger picture of a client's digital solutions. Talents that want to work with some of the best in their fields, are interested in technical architecture and always pursue the better solution rather than the shortcut.

In return, we offer the opportunity to be part of a startup and have an active part of how we evolve as a company. We also offer complete autonomy and flexibility in time and place of work, limited only by your responsibilities towards our clients.

Apply via LinkedIn or e-mail us at work@yalta.se.

Get in touch.

Yalta was founded in 2015 by three technical architects. We value cutting-edge technology, we like to challenge digital possibilities and we are passionate about digital architecture of the highest standard.

Yalta aims to be the go-to company when it comes to technical architecture. We are growing rapidly and thanks to the partnership with Vinn, our offer has grown wide and strong.

Hampus Nestenborg

IT Architect and CEO


+46 734 33 00 39

Simeon Frid

Solution Architect and Partner


+46 768 53 94 14

Johan Ekholm

Solution Architect and Partner


+46 736 54 54 00

Robert Looström

Digital Project Manager and Partner


+46 734 33 00 05

Tobias Prodan

Digital Designer and Partner


+46 733 86 44 03

Andreas Engström

Systems Architect and Partner


+46 734 40 79 01

Tomas Westhed

Systems Architect and Partner


+46 735 68 88 00

Klara Boyer

Software Developer


+46 793 40 79 30

Karl-Fredrik Ottermark

Business Analyst and Partner


+46 708 19 69 19

Johanna Johansson

Systems Architect and Developer


+46 703 36 62 95

Ingemar Berggren

Solution Architect


+46 707 75 38 31

Tommy Lundgren

Systems Architect and Developer


+46 736 17 53 60

Contact us.

Hampus Nestenborg, CEO

+46 734 33 00 39

Yalta AB

Kvarnbergsgatan 2
411 05 Göteborg